Why am I here?

Why am I here? I want to be a fireball of creative awesome.

Let me explain. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was very creative. I painted, sketched, doodled, sang, wrote poems – you know. Stuff. Things.

Recently I haven’t felt inspired or capable of the creativity I used to have and I’m tired of that. A hero of mine got over his creative slump by forcing himself to write a song a week – a project he brilliantly titled “Thing A Week” – and I may not have his talent but I can probably be disciplined about trying. Maybe this will work for me too.

The rules:

I will create at least one thing a week. A “thing” is defined as any original work of art, song, or words other than this blog. (No, facebook statuses don’t count either. Come on.)

The entire work must have been started and completed within the Sunday-Saturday period. There is no banking of works from prior weeks – that’s cheating. Extra stuff is allowed but doesn’t count!

I will subject you to the end product via this blog. My apologies.

I might write about other stuff if I feel interesting, but I’ll try to stay on-task. Uh, no promises.

And finally:

It’s hard to share this stuff. The first one, well, it’s pretty ridiculous. Try to be nice, yeah?


Writer, artist, plain language geek. Traveler, ukulele enthusiast, intermittent blogger.

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5 comments on “Why am I here?
  1. […] started this blog as a challenge to myself to create 1 thing each week for 52 weeks. I published my first post on 06/15/2012 – good old Week 1. It’s now 41 weeks later and I just added Thing #27. […]

  2. Annasarayna says:

    Love your blog. Stumbled on it from Community Pool and am I glad I did. I love the tone of your writing and am pretty pleased to be privy to the “Things” you create.
    Hope to be here when you get to 52!
    Maybe we can have a mini-celebratory ceremony of sorts… (Hey, at least I’m being supportive!) Looking forward 🙂

    • Renaité says:

      Thank you again! I’m still not sure I’ll make it to 52 but I think we can start planning the party when I get to 45 or so. At the very least, a 2 minute dance party will be in order! Happy to have you along!

  3. ProsWrite says:

    What a fantastic reason to blog. Keep it up!


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