Week One and I’m Already Adding Things

WTF is wrong with me?

Great question! I’d like you to continue reading, so I won’t dive into that right now. I bring it up because despite having completed just one song (and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s only half a song if it’s just lyrics,) I’m going to submit an entry to http://fantasywritingcontest.com/  (@FantasyContest). It’s a competition to have your 8,000 word fantasy story featured in an anthology type of thing. There’s prize money, yada yada yada, and… let’s get to the part where I”m a crazy person. It’s due in 13 days. Have no fear, week two’s as-yet-unknown thing will still be forced upon you by this time next Saturday.

Ideas yet?

Nope. I made this decision about 30 minutes ago and I haven’t written anything like this since high school. I love reading the fantasy genre, but writing? It’s crossed my mind over the years but I have nothing to start with. Yay fun!


Hey. Get your mind out of the gutter. According to the site, Fantasy is defined as “All stories that contradict known or theoretical law of nature and does not try to explain it with detailed science”. Ok? It’s not THAT kind of fantasy – naked people are incidental.


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