Fifth Thing

Re: Monkeys

I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a lot of nightmares. They’re bad. We’re talking too-nasty-for-a-blockbusting-horror-movie bad. My-nightmares-would-give-nightmares-to-your-nightmares bad.

One night, out of nowhere, a very good friend presented me with a large stuffed monkey “for my nightmares.” On that evening we were playing some card games and the monkey was propped at the table. Being the 7th guest, she dubbed him Number 7 and a story was born. I brought #7 home that night and snuggled up in bed with him and the two dogs. That was about a month ago, and I have had only one nightmare since. You know when that was? A night when I was traveling and didn’t have him with me. Sure, it’s all psychological, but I seriously do not give a shit.

So Here It Is

The origin story of #7 – a monkey who escapes from a secluded lab to fulfill a destiny as a fighter of nightmares and monsters. I really hope you enjoy it.


The first in what will hopefully be a series.


Writer, artist, plain language geek. Traveler, ukulele enthusiast, intermittent blogger.

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