Rules, Schmules!

Let’s talk about rules.

The idea behind this blog adventure was to get back into the habit of creating so ideas would come spontaneously. I wanted to “be a fireball of creative awesome.” You may remember the rules I set for myself at the start. Or not. Either way, here is the rule  I want to talk about:

The entire work must have been started and completed within the Sunday-Saturday period. There is no banking of works from prior weeks – that’s cheating. Extra stuff is allowed but doesn’t count!

The spirit of that rule was to promote freshness and to challenge myself. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that the real outcome is that I’m holding onto ideas and avoiding starting something new until the new week begins. That is really against the point, eh?

What to do?

After much thought, I’ve decided to abandon all rules! Not really. Just the one. This particular rule is more detrimental than helpful. I’m behind on my self-imposed deadline and I’m suppressing my own creativity for the sake of the blog. Basically it’s silly. No one gives a crap if I started something the Wednesday before I published it.

Am I ever going to get caught up on Things?!

Maybe. I hope so. At the very least, I won’t be falling further behind. It’s possible that I have much more guilt about it than is really called for, but I hate that I promised and didn’t deliver. Either way, thanks for listening. Thanks for reading. Thanks for rocking.


Writer, artist, plain language geek. Traveler, ukulele enthusiast, intermittent blogger.

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