Sixth Thing

Open Mic! Scary!

(This is where I pretend I didn’t miss 3 weeks worth of Things.) So… This week’s Thing is MUSICAL! Open mic night was really fun even though I screwed up a few times. I was much more nervous than last time, probably because I didn’t practice nearly as much as I should have. I forgot the words in one song and messed up both the others a little.

You can watch it on my Youtube channel if you’d like.

A big thank you to Joe (special thanks for getting video despite my last minute protest,) Annie, Aunt Kathy, Richie, Nicky & Joe, (yes, two Joes,) for coming out.

Bonus Awesomeness

There were some truly talented musicians performing their own songs. Porcelain Train and Aaron Daniel both rocked it. There were more there but I didn’t catch all the names. Overall, a pretty intimidating group of folks. 🙂


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