Eighth Thing

For the Love of Sugar

Baking is one of my favorite things to do, but this year I’ve done very little of it so I was pretty psyched to have a food day at work for an excuse. OK, no, I don’t need an excuse, but who is going to eat all this stuff if there isn’t some kind of EVENT?! I decided to make miniature Boston Cream Pies for this joyous occasion, and here’s how it went.

The Making Of

First, make the custardy cream deliciousness:

Pastry Cream on the Stove

Then, if you’re me, you screw up the pound cake and end up with butter soup. The next logical step is to destroy the batch of cake (yeah, I said “destroy.” What?) and make sponge cake instead. Somehow I didn’t capture these glorious moments so you’ll have to imagine the pile of hot yellow cake goop using the power of your mind.

Then pipe the chilled cream into the split mini-cakes:

Naked Mini Cakes

Finally add the ganache magic on top:

Finished Boston Cream Pies

They weren’t the prettiest little cakes on the block. I certainly pictured them coming out neater, but they tasted pretty good and took a decent amount of work. Next time I think they’ll be stunning. Just saying.


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