Thirteenth Thing

They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara

I think it’s fitting that the thirteenth Thing is so close to Halloween, even if it’s only because I missed a few weeks. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is handing out candy to the tiny neighborhood humans. (I feel that it’s important to hand out really good candy. You know, for Karma.) Normally I just make sure Night of the Living Dead is playing on TV in the background but this year I’d like to get a little more festive and have fun with face paint.

This week’s Thing is a practice version/potential design, based (obviously) on the traditional Day of The Dead skulls because they are just the perfect blend of creep and beautiful. It’s ink and watercolor.


If I could go back I would plan the flowers and background better to be symmetrical and look more integrated.  Everything is a little crooked but those stand out to me the most.


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