The Dust Has Settled

Yep, I WON!

OK, my novel is more like a pile of words, but it’s a pile of 50,097 words! It features multiple competing story arcs, complicated (ahem, confusing) characters, and at least three beginnings. It does not yet feature an ending. So yeah, I’ll get to practice my editing skills in a couple of months too. 🙂

What Am I Doing With My Post-NaNoWriMo Life?

Well folks, the obvious choices are to travel for work and to get the worst flu I’ve ever had. I decided to do them both at once  because I’m such an efficient person. I’m back home and recovering, so I finally did the scary math on how behind this blog is.

Ready? It’s week 26. I’m about to post Thing 15. Soooo yeah, I’m 11 weeks behind. The blog effort is halfway through and my work is only about one third finished. I’m not giving up though; I know I can be finished with 52 things by June 14th, 2013. I’m channeling the great Amanda Palmer and trying to remember that art isn’t hard. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you a lot more often.

Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!


Writer, artist, plain language geek. Traveler, ukulele enthusiast, intermittent blogger.

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