Twenty-Second Thing

Port of Locks, Earth: A Visitor’s Guide

Wonder what it would be like to see a real pre-modern planet? Park your hovercraft over the ancient city of Port of Locks and see how things were built before we got all state-of-the-art! This relic of a city, once home to such famous earthlings as Herbert C. Harrison (inventor of the now-antiquated “radiator”) and  Astronaut William G. Gregory, was one of several Earth-attractions not utterly destroyed when the local sun exploded!*

Feast Your Bionic Eyes 

Take a stroll through the abandoned Erie Canal, lovingly lined by locally-acquired dolomite limestone. These human-made trenches once forged a path for water vessels to deliver trade goods across the wild lands of Mid-Upper Earth (sometimes referred to as North America.) The brackish water is long gone, but the excitement will never fade!

Brave travelers might venture below the surface into the Lockport Caves. The caves’ origins are disputed but primitive cave paintings suggest that it was once home to the “Go Away,” “Buffalo Sucks,” and “For a Good Time Call Martha” tribes.

Replenish Your Inner Fuel Cells

The discerning foodie will surely sample street fair found on Old Main Street, provided by Galactic Government-funded work gangs serving sentences and meat-on-buns with equal gusto!

Adventurous tourists may wish to experience the painstakingly-recreated Old Earth cuisine. Stop by Mort’s Tavern to try Hot Buffalo Wings, Fried Balls of Cheese, or a Hamburger with Pickles. Pair them with bubbling tankard of Toxic Sludge Brew and you’ve got a meal to remember!**

Take advantage of the Eternal Summer Discount today!

*Protective Gear Recommended

** Remembered for ages, as the tasty Toxic Sludge features a half-life similar to that of Carbon 14

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Local Flavor. This is a work of fiction, mostly.


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