Thirtieth Thing

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day always leaves me feeling a little guilty. I’m not that green. Or earth-conscious, or environmentally aware, or what have you. I’m green(ish) out of laziness. I don’t print things because I don’t feel like replacing the ink. I buy the compact lightbulbs because I hate changing bulbs and those things last a really long time. I don’t water my lawn… you get it. Luckily the folks at Wire & Twine have put together a list of 50 ways to help the planet. Not new things, but simple things. Turns out I do a few of these already, and I bet I could try out a few more.

Even so, today’s drawing is pretty much how I figure the earth would snark at me if it only knew.  (And used twitter.)

Earth Day


And Also This Stuff

Then, you know, since I can’t help it apparently, I also wrote a couple of quick Earth Day haikus!

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Black chin, ruby crown

Elvis of the swamps and pines

I sure miss you guys

Oceanic Dead Zones

Hypoxic waters

Sweet home to fertilizers

 Still, reversible.


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5 comments on “Thirtieth Thing
  1. Love the drawing. SO true!

  2. jadereyner says:

    Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog so I thought I would take the opportunity to nominate you for a Sunshine Award. I hope that you enjoy it. Best wishes, Jade.


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