The End Times

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Well, I’ve been putting off this post for weeks now. It’s time to close up shop over here at Make 52 Things.  The year is long over, and the goal not met. When I started this little project I really thought I would get through 52 Things, but I didn’t make it.  A mere 31 things came into existence over the course of this blog’s life.

You know what though? That’s OK.  It’s not the number I wanted, but I made 31 things more than I might have if I hadn’t given it a shot at all. It also got me thinking about my artwork again, which was one of my main goals. I made a few blog things, and some other things that didn’t make it into the blogosphere, I’ve become much more comfortable in my writing, and overall it’s been an incredible year.

Thank you for reading, viewing, and for the encouragement along the way. From NaNoWriMo to Vampire Ketchups, it’s been an adventure! Special thanks to Joe for the support and love (and putting up with my cranky last-minute posting.)

Still Want to Hang Out?

I’ll be picking it up again over at the shiny new Thoughts & Things, where I hope to keep sharing some of my artwork, silly poems, and new adventures. Thanks again, and I hope to see you there!


Writer, artist, plain language geek. Traveler, ukulele enthusiast, intermittent blogger.

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