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Thirty-First Thing

Beware the Ketchups!  Inspired by a weekend trip to Pittsburgh, here is the scientific process by which ketchup is made.     Advertisements

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Thirtieth Thing

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day always leaves me feeling a little guilty. I’m not that green. Or earth-conscious, or environmentally aware, or what have you. I’m green(ish) out of laziness. I don’t print things because I don’t feel like replacing the

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Twenty-Ninth Thing

It’s Kitchen Mayhem! Yesterday’s prompt on the Daily Post was about imperfections that we cherish. I have to tell you, this was an easy one. Joe (that’s my boyfriend. Everyone wave to Joe!) has a habit of leaving cabinet doors

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Twenty-Eighth Thing

Amazing Science! It’s like Weird Al said: Everything you know is wrong, black is white, up is down, short is long, and some blood is clear. Maybe he didn’t say that last thing. Anyway. Did you know there is a

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Twenty-Seventh Thing

For the Walking Dead Season Finale The Easter Bunny never saw it coming.

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Twenty-Fifth Thing

Just a Little Guy I read today on LiveScience that a 2 millimeter fossilized jaw of a primitive mammal, Sasayamamylos kawaii, was recently unearthed in Japan. The cute little bone apparently belonged to the oldest Eutherian mammal known so far – we’re talking 112 million years

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Twenty-Fourth Thing

It’s a Nudibranch!  I was researching (ahem, googling) sea slugs for the silly story I wrote yesterday, when I learned about the Nudibranch.  They’re beautiful and I will never picture sea slugs as squishy dirt sticks again. Here’s my version

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