The End Times

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Well, I’ve been putting off this post for weeks now. It’s time to close up shop over here at Make 52 Things.  The year is long over, and the goal not met. When I started this little project I really thought I would get through 52 Things, but I didn’t make it.  A mere 31 things came into existence over the course of this blog’s life.

You know what though? That’s OK.  It’s not the number I wanted, but I made 31 things more than I might have if I hadn’t given it a shot at all. It also got me thinking about my artwork again, which was one of my main goals. I made a few blog things, and some other things that didn’t make it into the blogosphere, I’ve become much more comfortable in my writing, and overall it’s been an incredible year.

Thank you for reading, viewing, and for the encouragement along the way. From NaNoWriMo to Vampire Ketchups, it’s been an adventure! Special thanks to Joe for the support and love (and putting up with my cranky last-minute posting.)

Still Want to Hang Out?

I’ll be picking it up again over at the shiny new Thoughts & Things, where I hope to keep sharing some of my artwork, silly poems, and new adventures. Thanks again, and I hope to see you there!

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Thirty-First Thing

Beware the Ketchups! 

Inspired by a weekend trip to Pittsburgh, here is the scientific process by which ketchup is made.




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Thirtieth Thing

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day always leaves me feeling a little guilty. I’m not that green. Or earth-conscious, or environmentally aware, or what have you. I’m green(ish) out of laziness. I don’t print things because I don’t feel like replacing the ink. I buy the compact lightbulbs because I hate changing bulbs and those things last a really long time. I don’t water my lawn… you get it. Luckily the folks at Wire & Twine have put together a list of 50 ways to help the planet. Not new things, but simple things. Turns out I do a few of these already, and I bet I could try out a few more.

Even so, today’s drawing is pretty much how I figure the earth would snark at me if it only knew.  (And used twitter.)

Earth Day


And Also This Stuff

Then, you know, since I can’t help it apparently, I also wrote a couple of quick Earth Day haikus!

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Black chin, ruby crown

Elvis of the swamps and pines

I sure miss you guys

Oceanic Dead Zones

Hypoxic waters

Sweet home to fertilizers

 Still, reversible.

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Twenty-Ninth Thing

It’s Kitchen Mayhem!

Yesterday’s prompt on the Daily Post was about imperfections that we cherish. I have to tell you, this was an easy one.

Joe (that’s my boyfriend. Everyone wave to Joe!) has a habit of leaving cabinet doors open. Every time I go into the kitchen there’s at least one open door, and I love it. He’ so organized and thoughtful, the fact that he forgets to shut the door he just opened is freaking adorable. I’m pretty sure the cabinets like it too, so that’s how this happened! Drinks, party hats, karaoke – these doors are going wild!

Drawing of cabinet doors partying

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Imperfection


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Twenty-Eighth Thing

Amazing Science!

It’s like Weird Al said: Everything you know is wrong, black is white, up is down, short is long, and some blood is clear. Maybe he didn’t say that last thing.

Anyway. Did you know there is a fish swimming around in the Antarctic Ocean without scales or hemoglobin? Hemoglobin is what makes blood red, so this Ocellated Ice Fish (Chionodraco rastrospinosus) has transparent blood keeping him going. LiveScience reported it as “gin-clear blood” and this drawing had to happen as a result.

Drawing of Ocellated Ice Fish


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25 Things and 11 Weeks Left

Where It All Began

I started this blog as a challenge to myself to create 1 thing each week for 52 weeks. I published my first post on 06/15/2012 – good old Week 1. It’s now 41 weeks later and I just added Thing #27. As you can see I’m a bit behind.

I got distracted for a while there. February came and went, and I figured I should make a decision:  get cracking, or shut ‘er down.

Get Cracking

Recently I haven’t met the weekly deadlines I set for myself, but I can’t just give up. I’m going to keep working toward 52 Things until time is up.

11 weeks to go, and 25 Things left. I think I can make it. Thanks for sticking around!



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Twenty-Seventh Thing

For the Walking Dead Season Finale

The Easter Bunny never saw it coming.

drawing of a zombie bunny

Pen and colored pencil.

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